Brand Building and 2012

How can we sell Vancouver and what should we say about ourselves through social media to turn into tangible business relations?
BC movies and history of movie making – 3rd largest production centre behind LA and New York
Does the city need a facebook page?
BC wants to be an environmental technology centre
Its a nice place to live – dialogue about what that means – database to link to different aspects of Canada
People watching Olympics could talk to people in Vancouver
Use social software to match people visiting city who have needs ie dont know the city
are bloggers pissed off they were not part of the accredition process

London2012 blowing us out of the water in relation to social media (Yeah!!!)
Virtual Travel Counsellor – service for travellers coming to the city
Vancouver is laid back.
View is that Olympics is a shitty thing. Mainstream and people out there are excited and want the event to happen here. Social media is about telling the story how it is. ‘I am looking forward to meeting people from all over the world’. People can also mix and mingle at the live site’ ie i will meet you at the live site at 8pm etc…..

Toronto and TTC – impressive example of real time up to date news at city level. Blogg done by the head of communications for the city.

Is Twitter the tool? What will engage people around the world? Translink has a service update on youtube.

Mobile devices going to be a big part of it – re alerts in realtime.
Why cant i get media accreditation? It’s low cost publicity.
There is a corporate vancouver and then there are the people who live here and they are the ones who are leaving town.

Is there a tag for vancouver2010?. is looking for a business model

find your change campers – open the data and mash it!?

~ by Debbi Lander on February 20, 2009.

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