Social media and the olympics

My thoughts about this

London2012 engaged with social media for the beijing handover – flicker and own utube channel on its official site. Image content raises issues such as the representation of non games sponsors in media – you cannot advertise – and also children ‘s rights – did they agree? There issues for the games might never be able to be solved within the branding context that it operates. But what and how about it existing in a parallel universe?

For London 2012 this is a live conversation being had by new media department – but what I am unsure about is whether the dialogue is engaging or involving the social media community – how could it be involved?

Reinvention of media strategy and reaching young people, using new platforms – how do we bend the rules to adapt?

? What can the social media community do to promote games – more successfully

? How can it connect the three pillars – sport, culture and education?

? What about the lead up, the four years between the games – connecting culture to sport?

? What about encouraging the drive to participate in ‘everybody’s games’ – the role in engaging people in subjects they might not be that into – ie health. Environment, sustainability

~ by Debbi Lander on February 20, 2009.

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