Stewart Butterfield – the Internet 1992 – 2009: A Love Story

northern-voice_red_125x150My own personal experience of the internet over last 17 years. Lund is my home town. I am the product of hippie parents. South Park was my school.First class to have a computor in my classroom. Had an apple e at home. I went to the Radio Shack computor camp. This is who i am (identity). user names also a way of expressing who you are, my first were sbutterf, ui503, dsb26. This was in 1992. I was average technical savvy back them. Grateful dead biggest user group on the net. (one of my first email addresses was greenet – an eco conscious server network for the arts community which did not last much more than five years and we did egroups). Music got me online and joining a online community – A couple of years later cam the web and http://www – this did not come onto y radar until 1994 (my company shinkansen build its own first web site in 1994 – html by hand.) I have not posted to my blog in 7 years. The evolution of notion of key words (i remember the joy of this).

‘A community is a medium for ongoing conversations’ – Stewart, April 2000 blog
Howard Rheingold – The virtual community -published in 1993- notion goes back 15 years

Community = who are we

Culture of the west coast (North Amercia) is new. ‘Keep name of place weird’
Identity = Adhoc patchwork

Flickr – being a user became part of your identity, it was cool. now there is 60million people using flickr it is no longer cool. There is an evolution in consumer media technologies.

Photography moved from memory preservation to Connecting and commmunicating

Trend 1. Ubiquity of capture devices
+ Trend 2: Spread of the network
=Trend 3: Change in perceptions and attitudes – participating is no longer weird
= desire to participate is wide spread

Internet access is in you pocket. Everyone has a camcoder/camera phone – not all record to share but may are
Shift in attitude – internet users were creepy and strange

Culture of celebrity since the 20’s.
We will not be saying 2.0 soon
The drive towards participation – you make the music yourself – more and more people are spending time online making their own media rather than consuming stuff made for them.

10 years in – whole new world (i have been online since 1994 – 15 years so how come i have learned so little?)

Relationship based computing – replaced document based which application based computor. (Aah, I am still at document based…….. out goes the PC in comes the MAC.

Facebook application that grafts your social networks – called Nexus

Back then – use internet to find like minded people. Now we are all alike.

Anyway I love the internet

~ by Debbi Lander on February 20, 2009.

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