Using social media to increase Environmental Awareness

Use your online presence to raise awareness of yourself professionally and your personal concerns ?! (really). Linked to networks of like minded people (this is what i think : – the future of social networking is about spiritual development, we are moving off the mind (ie exchanging thoughts) and into phase 2 – transcending the body barrier (ie full body interaction) and the final phase – human transcendance).

Elements of an awareness raising social media campaign
1. Who is your target audience and what am i expecting you to do?
2. What is the issue you are fighting for and how are you going to galvanise?
3. What kind of platform and justification of its use?
4. Life cycle and stablisation

If it affects your health you will do something about it

New directions in social media – creating conversation and sustaining bi-directionality, building online reputation, raising awareness through galvinsing issues, deploying a variety of tools in a myriad of platforms.

What do you want to activate?

~ by Debbi Lander on February 20, 2009.

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