Keynote 1: On Buried Hatchets and Better Tomorrow

How a deer could blog.
How much electricity do we use?
New ecology of information – a web analogy not linear

1. Who you know not what you know – socialised information – Twitter becoming a fantastic tool for info sharing linked to social character of people who give you that information. Personal contacts has a strong bearing on media literacy and inclusion

2. Collaborative truth – contribution of individuals is important but not as important as input of whole. Multi perspective information

Shift from oral culture to book culture to web culture

Future –

3 billion cell phones in world
Mobile web is a familiar concept
Virtual me and the real

90’s – location did not matter all about global.
Now – creation of middle layer between online and offline – applying digital info to world around us

Touch a tag… post it interfaces … stick on objects in real world
Japan – smart posters encoded with digital information
Web does not have to be global – local and hyperlocal – ie about the neighbourhood
Geotagging – streets about you
flicker bike – bike with a gps cellphone on front of it, takes pics, uploads to flicker, where they are mapped on a geo map – you see what they are seeing as they go around

Sustainability – and connectivity between sustainability and information. A move from buying objects to sharing services E.g Why don’t we share drills when all we want is a hole in wall. Find out where the thing is when we want it.

(Thought – Inspire programme – one way of looking at it – user centred programme design of the olympiad)

Innovations around social media – simple and elegant, need good curators/editors, good display of information tools, bloggers play a key curatorial role in helping us manage information.

Lots of people dont have fast access to the internet. Digitial divide internationally.

(Thought – the guy in front of me has a tweet grid – i want one)

Places for deep meaning – how do we create them?

~ by Debbi Lander on February 21, 2009.

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  1. Wonderful work buddy, keep it up.

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