Citizen Journalism and Olympics

I joined a panel led by Robert Scales and centered around Dr Andy Miah – a freedom of information advocate who want social media at the heart of the Olympics. The debate around inclusion, branding, embracing the new generation of amateur bloggers and hackers who will come with their I phones and create media around their experience about the games. Social media appears to sit in the debate around media centres, accredition, issues of IOC non recognition, matters of control which social media presents a challenge. I spoke about London 2012’s committment to inclusion, democracy and youth culture the flicker/utube platforms used for handover, the live debate going on around user generated content and London 2012 site sanctioning, the adidas campaign and also AND. London 2012 wants the games to be the Citizen Olympics. Lets bring this on, activate the social media debate, to open up and move on the olympics but also to enable the widest possible coverage and debate to be had in the Uk around the games. .Stimulating and dangerous stuff, this debate and discussion around user debate and reporting. Pics on flickr – northernvoice09 tag

~ by Debbi Lander on February 23, 2009.

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