Culture, olympics and identity



I am sitting in a cafe on the corner of Homer and Robson Street and the hot spot is provided by Bell and as i look out the window i see the cultural olympiad banner hanging above me with a single sponsor credit on it – Bell. Last night on my route through the back streets behind my hotel, i came across ContainerR – a shipping container set up as a cinema showing a programme of short films on theme of sport and art. There were archive films (pre sound, of the olympics), contemporary dance, disability work, films from canada and from other countries including uk. I am going back later to finish of the film cycle. There are about 25 films running on a continous loop. A nice touch is the graf on the outside of the shipping container. Something about this work is very Vancouver or should i say west coast. I saw this following a tour of the olympic venues in the city, the athletes village, the hotels where the IOC are most likely to stay, the location of a new ice rink and the shop for official merchanidise (no pins for the Cultural Olympiad brand though). Whilst it appears that every games delivers the same (operational requirements), the identity, individuality and culture of the host place is transmitted and transmuted through the cultural programme that is staged.

~ by Debbi Lander on February 23, 2009.

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