London 2012 programme: Unlimited

Today myself, the disability officer for the arts council, Northwest Disability Arts Forum (NWDAF) and FACT as the champion for WE PLAY – Abandon Normal Devices – met with the LOCOG lead for Unlimited – the UK disability arts programme for the Cultural Olympiad – to discuss the Unlimited programme structure and our Northwest regional priorities. Our aspirations here in the Northwest are to use Unlimited to drive new regional work/citizen debate around the regional theme of Body and Economy (See Cultural Olympiad in Northwest page on this site). Cross platform collaborations and commissioning of new media/disability practice through a focus on theme of normality was discussed through the context of the Abandon Normal Devices Festival. A £60k budget coming to the region for 2009/2010 each year for three years. It was recognised that AND and NWDAF provide rich contexts and platforms for showcasing Unlimited in the years leading up to 2012 and that this partnership could link to showcases in other Olympic cities. Priorities for soliciting bids were identified as follows: new collaborations which have the potential to mainstream disability practice, ideas which support the body and economy theme, cross regional projects and cross sector collaborations, collaborations engaging sport sector. projects which make links to the Paralympic World Cup in the northwest, projects which can bring match funding to the commission particularly from the sports sector/olymplic cities and projects/contexts which can provide a platform for advocacy and professional development in disability sector as well as the presentation and touring of national/international standard high quality work over three year period.

~ by Debbi Lander on February 28, 2009.

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