The Guardian Review of Lakes Alive

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Lyn Gardner states in her piece that ‘The only nod to the Olympics was at Carlisle’s massive city centre street party on Sunday night, where Bread and Butter’s Van Dunk Brothers kept the crowd entertained with a cheesy display of synchronised swimming on dry land’ . I disagree – the olympics   is about the expression and activation of human potential and in this context, Lakes Alive programme is hardly a nod – its a total alignment! Pity she did not mention that the cultural legacy programme is called WE PLAY – play is at the heart of the games as a celebration and at the heart of the Lakes Alive programming – perhaps Lyn would like to look at the Olympics and street arts from the angle of play and particularky its role in community building,  health and wellbeing  and economic prosperity – aka the WE of WE PLAY

~ by Debbi Lander on May 26, 2009.

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