The thrill of like never before

The Shining  002Whitehaven 020The Lakes Alive launch events which took place in Maryport, Barrow in Furness and Whitehaven last weekend were radical in their reach. Over and over again I heard the words ‘ I have never seen anything like that before’ . It  totally convinced me that the Lakes Alive initative will bring new audiences to the arts and new people to Cumbria and this is only the beginning. In Cumbria participation is what success looks like and i had a ball. My weekend adventure began in Maryport (or possibly Scareyport) and an overnight stay in a fantastically unique hotel reminiscent of The Shining. I also came across a  local fish shop  called Olympic! . Two men on a high wire thrilled the town, scared the hell out of me, and fed our human interest in death defying feats. We are a strange race. The next day and with the sun shining, I drove down the coast to Barrow and descended into a happy, smiling, family friendly crowd who had gathered in the town centre park to take part in Lakes Alive festivities. A beautiful location for a real community experience, followed by a trip back up the coast for the evening events at Whitehaven – which for me was the icing on the cake – visual theatre performed on an historic harbour. A most spectacular location for a high art piece that got Whitehaven crowds screaming for more.  The exquisite elegance of the work transformed this coastal town into an emotive world of transcendent beauty. The event mesmerised viewers crowding all sides of the harbour . An experience for Whitehaven like never before. Unforgettable. Cumbria is in for a treat over the next four years. Anyone wanting to move out of London to a rural location would be wise to consider Cumbria – Lakes Alive internationalised the place and the people, opening minds, hearts and wallets – many of the local traders did a roaring business and next year i hope their will be more hospitality options open – the queues were far too long!

~ by Debbi Lander on June 3, 2009.

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