200 Cumbrian people, 8 artists, 10 groups, 100 giant flags

flagsIts Thursday 27th August and I am in Kendal for the launch of Welcoming the World – the display of 100 giant flags – generated by 200 cumbrian people, 8 artists and 10 groups. Created for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, and truly inspired by the landscape, like never before, people were asked to create flags which celebrated their place in Cumbria. The result was a truly modern and contemporary take on identity, citizenship and place and a creative community united by a shared endeavour which involved people of all ages and backgrounds in expressing their self and their environment. To quote Bob Sutcliffe of the Lake District National Park Authority: ‘The flags, made in this unique and diverse county which is seeking World Heritage Status for its incredible landscape, will leave a legacy, they can be used again and again and we want to use them to promote what is special about Cumbria, its National Park and its people. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see one or even better all 100 flags as part of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Opening ceremonies in 2012? Personally i think it would be good to see the scale of this project expanded further and wider – to the whole of the Northwest region and to the whole of the Uk. Not 100 flags but a 1000 flags. Now that would be something for the ceremonies  + even better if they could be walked in procession – the procession accompanying the torch relay on its travels through the Uk to London.

~ by Debbi Lander on August 28, 2009.

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