Artists taking the Lead – NW proposals selected

The five northwest projects selected to go forward to the second stage for the Artist Taking the Lead strand of the Cultural Olympiad are:

Ben Long – A brass bandstand –  sculptural object and useable piece of architecture  to inspire people to actively participate in a cultural celebration and grasps at the possibility of recreating a golden age of communal interaction

Anthony McCall – Projected Column (FACT/Biennial) – tallest sculpture in the world and first of its kind and self sustaining artwork producing enough energy to run itself. Made out of air and water – a sinuous, spinning, helical column of air with an outer skin of cloud.

Mark Thomas – Transmissions (Soup Collective/Salford Quays Committee) – a series of reflective and forward looking narratives on theme of’ analogue sunset – an era on the cusp of full digital revolution’. Transmissions will plot a course from the maritime beginnings of radio transmission to the nationwide shutdown of analogue television signals through to our ever widening digital existence. Events will combine live performance, choreography, film, animation and arhive material using the waterfront skyline adjacent to MediaCity as an evolving projected backdrop.

Tony Trehy – The Language Olympiad -a festival featuring many of the worlds leading lingustic, conceptual and concrete poets and artists, sound and media artists, bringing together ma ny languages, poetics and artistic styles. The largest ever celebration and dialogue of language in the arts.

Kully Thiarai and Philip Osment- Requiem for Change – epic visual narrative using the ancient form of the requiem mass to tell a universal story for our time. Combining elements of opera, Greek Tragedy, gospel music, quawalis, choral singing and dialogue, we want to create a haunting, : uplifting, large scale performance piece – laying to rest visions of youth as dangerous, evil and out of control.

Which project would you give £500k too?

~ by Debbi Lander on August 28, 2009.

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