Association with 2012

It is at the olympic and paralympic games that cutting edge innovations are showcased and excellence comes to the fore, defined in that  moment of history as where humanity is at in relation to what can be achieved. Cultural projects that align themselves to the Olympics associate themselves with this  status and level of achievement and production and yet, it seems that getting projects to contextualise themselves within this international context is more than difficult. I believe that the reduction of association to a logo is restricting understanding of the wider vision and bigger picture. If projects want to use 2012 to advance and develop, then making the connection – in content, partnership and and in branding terms  is a non brainer.  Why don’t projects inspired by the Olympics want to associate themselves with it? I  believe that if people went to an Olympic games and fully personally experienced it, they would want the link all over everything they do at all times.


~ by Debbi Lander on October 7, 2009.

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  1. scary that’s it actually only a few years away

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