Peace, Conflict and Poetry

Belfast October 2009 047Belfast October 2009 045In Derry – the Place of  Bloody Sunday and a poem inspired by our visit to Belfast and written by South West Creative Programmer Richard Crowe.

‘I am not often moved to write poetry but I was deeply moved’Bloody Sunday Graf - Derry


Driven by the images of greater poets –

The father kissing the hand that slew his son,

The cousin’s butchered body by the muddy roadside –

We passed through centuries united

Only by our guide and by sorrow and by song.

Up the sea-scarred coast of County Antrim,

Its beauty scored by ruined castles, secret schools

And cottages: hearths starved, roofless, blind,

Those they nurtured forced to find a new life

In new, but no less, savage lands.

And all the while a baby cries for a father’s murderous hands.

So, at last, we stood upon the paint-splashed walls of Derry,

The battle given way to the artists of the Bogside

And the symbols of reconciliation –

A dove, a butterfly, a broken gun,

And a young girl caught in the crossfire

That killed her outright,

But slowly sapped the hopes and dreams

Of those who loved her.

And in the corner of an eye,

Irate graffiti and a single tricolour,

Like a small flame



~ by Debbi Lander on November 2, 2009.

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