ANAT presents Super Human – Revolution of the Species Symposium

I attend the Australian Network for Art and Technology symposium – Super Human: Revolution of the Species which took place at BMW Edge in Federation Square in Melbourne Australia (I was on holiday and just could not resist this research opportunity). Day one of the programme which i attended included presentations and keynotes by Barbara Maria Stafford (USA), Michele Barker (Aus), Dolores Steiman (Canada), Kathryn Hoffman(USA), Ju Gosling (UK), Kathy Cleland(Australia), Natasha Vita-More(USA), Tine Gonsalves(Australia), Mari Velonaki(Australia) and Reva Stone (Canada).  Here is a range of programming notes i made during the day regarding programming around body and economy theme



  • Bodies and pathological collections are often in storage as invisible heritage collections
  • Wider representations of the body moving beyond the mono (ideal) body – who we are (under the skin) and other types of  coporeal spectacles
  • Reveries of the body – this is what the olympics is – anatomical spectacles
  • Art/history/science exhibitions – ie anatomical collections
  • Cabinets of wonder – movement/user navgation through the displays, clustering as a way to present objects; baroque forms of interaction. We have lost ways of moving in relation to looking. The eyes are distant in virtual reality. It is hard to get people moving in exhibition space
  • Getting people moving – a 2012 theme
  • Challenges of exhibiting stored works.
  • Telling stories about humans
  • Use of new media and domes and technologies
  • Showing human remains
  • How human body has been displayed in past and how we can do that today with new media is an opportunity
  • moving beyond 19th century views of body to it being a living system and a metabolism not a fixed object or carcus/skeleton
  • Visualising energetics in science and art – how can this be done – needs collaborations with the health and healing practitioners/communities









  • Scene setting and definitions – what we mean by term disabled
  • Technology enhancing the body
  • issues of inclusion and reality of human condition
  • images of the disabled – charitable or medical
  • accommodating the needs of diverse bodies
  • art as therapy and art as a creative process
  • prosthetics dont match nature
  • lack of support is the issue not the impairment itself
  • value of non enhancement
  • use of paralympics to spotlight issues – access to understanding the issues and our way of thinking
  • What do we gain from being disabled?
  • Can art and science change the world?
  • Activist or arti
  • How far can we split our identity – we need a mainframed identity- multiple selves in multiple environments
  • Dont enhance or extend me – i am (im) perfect as i am.




Book reference – Don Ihde – Bodies in technologies
Robbie Cooper Book – phenomenlogy – feel and experience

~ by Debbi Lander on November 30, 2009.

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