Some thoughts on the future – a research idea

WE PLAY – The creative potential in Human Play (The Intelligent Human). What do art and science have in common with each other? The view of this research is that the common ground is Human Play – in terms of the processes behind (not the practice) of  art and science and it proposes to focus on the revolutionary work of artists, theorists and scientists who share this perspective. This research points to a possible future where Human Play is credited as a discipline in its own right and understood as being at the foundation of all invention in art and in science. The research proposes that both science and art should be viewed more broadly than in the past: as specialized inquiry yes but also as forms of human play; that the nature of being as invention can be understood through human play; that the future of science is leading us towards the creation of the universe and being as pure invention/creation ie play and therefore in the longer term future, art and science could be viewed as two dimensions of the same principle and the power of play understood as the as the means by which we create transformational differences in society, be that through artistic products or through scientific development.

Only a mind that knows how to play can make outrageous connections and it is only though new connections that society advances’

  • How might art and science inform each other if taken from the vantage point of Human Play?
  • What can human play tell us about the nature of being/existence?
  • What principles of reality can human play teach or show us?
  • How does human play relate to the nature of change?
  • How does human play extend and enhance our human potential?
  • What rights do we and should we have and exercise?

~ by Debbi Lander on January 4, 2010.

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