Vancouver 2010 Politics

Resist 2010: Eight Reasons to Oppose the 2010 Winter Olympics

I circulated this video around some of my colleagues in the Northwest today. P ersonally i found it upsetting and also motivating. It made me think  about what opportunity London 2012 might have to tell how its story might be different from this Vancouver one (which incidently did not include any comment on the impact of Vancouver’s cultural programme). It  made me think about the role of artists and cultural creators as story tellers. How do artists understand the interactions between culture and community? What developments is London 2012 bringing  through the olympics that calls for cultural commentary and artistic attention?. As a programmer in one of the region’s and focussed on cultural programming we are only really relating to the opportunities London 2012 give us to profile and grow our creative and cultural sector and could just as easily draft eight reasons why we should engage. Id be keen and  interested to know what others think.  Can London tell a different and more truly positive story?  Its sustainability policy of a one planet 2012 olympics would suggest that it will. Certainly there is the opportunity to tell a positive 2012 story from a regional if not a host city perspective. The regional position and experience – particularly talking from the view of  the Northwest where only the olympic football is taking place as part of the sports spectacular does most certainly tell  a very different and more positive story to date, with grass roots cultural organisations and young people using 2012 to build their dreams, give us broader and more culturally diverse provision than we have at present, forming partnerships that can continue this provision after the games have gone, and importantly providing a platform for people and practices that are under and not currently respresented or supported well enough here in the north west. I hope an artist or media maker takes up this challenge and tells the story of the Northwest. I think they would find much of creative and strategic integrity to write and broadcast about.

~ by Debbi Lander on January 6, 2010.

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