Welcoming the Light in Carlisle

Lakes Alive’s contribution to this collaboration along the whole length of Hadrian’s Wall was a spiritual experience. It is not often you get to walk with 10,000 people in a torchlit parade. There is something about fire that is both elemental and calming. People behave themselves and, much to everyone’s surpise, no  one acts out or gets burnt.The simplicity of the event was pure brilliance and should be commended for its maturity in curation. Nothing was over done yet it was large scale. We were led to the wall by the stirring brass sounds of street band Tongues of Fire and impressive fiery engines (from Pandaemonium) and a parade of costumed characters and musicians to greet the line of light. Whilst it was impossible to see the line of light, we all knew it had arrived as fireworks went off.  What i will remember about this event is the experience of  Carlisle and the fact that this event allowed to be and feel like a real community. Special and unique stuff – thanks London 2012 – your working up north.


~ by Debbi Lander on April 10, 2010.

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