Building up the big 2012 party – wanna join in?

The last two years work on the cultural olympiad in the north west hasn’t all been about programming and commissioning, there has been some room for R and D: building up the big party. Preston Guild 2012 is saying ‘ all back to ours’ on the 7th – 9th of September 2012,  so it seemed only right that we develop a special programme of events as part of this do, and bring the whole of the region and partners and artists involved in the Cultural Olympiad along too.

Since June 2009, I have been working with the WE PLAY Legacy Producers Group, Preston Guild 2012, key decision makers and young people from across the North West and with a range of UK and International partners to research and develop a fourth WE PLAY programme in 2012 which will mark and celebrate Games Time in the North West. The vision for this programme is ‘a global celebration of play’. Provisionally titled WE PLAY Expo, this additional programme  supports partnership working across WE PLAY, education, youth, sport, media and health to build a deep cultural legacy through cross sector collaboration and programming.

Research and development activity across 2008 – 2010 included:

  • Creative workshops and planning activities with the WE PLAY Legacy Producers Group and Preston Guild to explore opportunities for collaboration and the delivery of a  finale festival event for WE PLAY as part of Preston Guild 2012. This 3 day festival is in development and seeks to showcase AND, Lakes Alive and Blaze in one place and at one time, demonstrating the scope and scale of  the WE PLAY programme.
  • A commissioned research project managed by Youth Music and Greater Manchester Music Action Zone engaging young people from across the region in developing a vision for their own celebration at Game Time. This has led to the formation of a regional young producers network and a proposal for a youth led ‘expo’ in the form of a ‘house of inspiration’. This network is raring to go and proposes to link up with Blaze  to support the regional roll out of Blaze’s youth led methodologies and ramp up its regional and national reach and profile in 2012. The project is also exploring ways it can take forward the Find Your Talent project legacy, recently closed down by the DCMS as part of the Governments new plans for saving money.
  • Research around citizen media and the Olympics in Vancouver (2009 and 2010 visits) and partnerships with social media networks and citizen journalists worldwide (including W2 Community media house in downtown Vancouver) to connect WE PLAY and local communities in the North West to developing blueprints for a publically owned new media legacy for the London 2012 Games. The blueprint is being presented by Dr Andy Miah on 4th October at Cornerhouse in a day event and unconference for the public as part of the AND festival 2010. This open public event is being led by Dr Andy Miah and hosted by AND 2010. It is co funded by the Cultural Olympiad Creative Programmers in North West, South West and Scotland, who each have an interest in the idea of a new media network of citizen journalism hubs spanning North to South, linking their regions.
  • Research around interactivity development for large scale public events and creative and media partnerships to drive the delivery of an interactive event in 2012 that connects local communities in the North West and across the UK to past and future Olympic host in real time and through interactive technologies.  Principally Vancouver (2010 Games), London (2012 Games), Sochi (2014 Games) and Rio (2016 Games). The North West is  working with Revised Projects and with W2 in Vancouver and SAT in Montreal (who currently host telepresence stations at their media art venues as a legacy of the Vancouver 201o CODE programme) and alongside a wide range of colleagues in the South West, North West, London and UK to build up the collaboration required to deliver this ambitious project  proposed for the UK’s finale festival for the Cultural Olympiad in 2012. The key partners are being brought together on the 4th October for a project development discussion in Manchester seeking to define the project concept and partnership structure for the vision – a world first telepresence event for London 2012. This research meeting is being funded by Canada Council, WE PLAY and the South West Cultural Olympiad programme.
  • A commissioned WE PLAY Feasibility Study managed by Leslie Giddons and Fido PR and in partnership with Preston Guild 2012, North West Development Agency and NHS North West to engage regional partners in the development of a vision for a WE PLAY 2012 Challenge campaign, promoting the concept of ‘permission to play’. This creative PR campaign seeks to drive participation across the region in WE PLAY and its three annual programmes and bring people along to Preston Guild 2012 ‘s finale celebration and after party for the 2012 games.
  • Partnership development across the UK network of London 2012 Creative Programmers to support a unique touring launch event in early 2012 that drives profile for the regions and nations and a legacy of connection across the UK.  The project is Global Rainbow by Yvette Mattern, produced by Amino in Newcastle and aims to be touring across the Greater North from NYE 2011 to end of February 2012 before going down South to London for  Games Time. In the North West it will be toured to Preston to start off the Games Time Year programme where we intend to finish – ie Preston Guild 2012.

This is the story so far for the big party we hope to be able to deliver during the Games Time period  in 2012 in the North West.  Partners and collaborators who see a connection to their own work are more than welcome to contact me and help build up the big party. Wanna join in?

~ by Debbi Lander on September 12, 2010.

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