Creating the Legacy- call for input

Last night I met up with my 2012 regional colleagues and we got round to talking about London 2012 and creating the Legacy. With a small team and less than 15 months to go, we pondered over matters of legacy and what we should all now  focus on to ensure our roles make a difference.

A key legacy lies in the domain of participation  and people and one of the major work areas for our team is to ensure that as many people as possible  feel  part and proud of  the Games.  However, there is a nut to crack in terms of the cultural programme ie  making the Association. Most people have no idea that the cultural event they are involved in is part of 2012. E.g. How do we make sure than when somone goes up to Cumbria for a Lakes Alive event, they see that as taking part in London 2012?

Well I am going to be writing up 10 commandments for Association to share with key delivery partners as a way to maximise association and I would love to get your views and input into what these commandements might be

E.g. commandment one – though shall include a picture of your creative programmer and/or quote on your event publicity/brochure etc. to make link to cultural olympiad….

Please share your thoughts and comment back into this blog.

On  a wider note….. securing the legacy for the Cultural Olympiad will require a number of different partners that agree to a series of objectives and work together in order to achieve them. Do help us shape our legacy ambitions for the cultural olympiad in the Northwest by letting me know what you think legacy is and how we can help catalyst this in the final year to go – what should the work plan be of the regional team?

I will collate all your responses into a paper that wil feed into our team awayday in mid august and planning for this years 2012 conference (July 2011).

I welcome your responses by 31st June  2011.

~ by Debbi Lander on June 1, 2011.

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