London 2012 as a research arena for artists

It is my view that London 2012 is more than  just spectacle and has a role and value beyond being a catalyst for cultural tourism. I believe that it has value as a cross disciplinary research environment for artists and cultural producers and  I wish to find a way in which I can use our regional programme WE PLAY  as a case study to investigate this proposition.

Im interested to explore the cultural use of London 2012 as a research framework for inspiring innovation – i.e. developing new contexts for presentation and participation and new modes of expression, interaction and play

To outline the role and value of major events as arenas for experimentation and research and how mainstream events can be used to enable cross sector development.

I believe it is possible for our work in the Northwest to open a window onto a new way of looking at major events and artistic engagement in spectacle contexts and  uncover and highlighting their potential as creators of new and alternative mainstream culture.

Im going to try and commission a film about how WE PLAY (artists and cultural producers) utilized London 2012 to innovate, experiment and expand the cultural mainstream in the Northwest and significantly, to uncover  the potential of major events as cross disciplinary research environment s  for new expression, interaction, thought and play.

If anyone has any thoughts on this and the proposition, Id love to know and hear from you

~ by Debbi Lander on June 1, 2011.

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