Lakes Alive drew a diverse community of 6000 people plus to Whitehaven Harbour on Saturday night for an aerial concert by French Group, Trans Express.  The event was beyond magical and world-class. This large scale and free event called Maudit Sonnets was presented by Lakes Alive to mark one year before the start of the 2012 Olympic Games. There could not have been a more suitable and proper cultural event for the annual countdown as it was truly Olympian – in imagination and at the physical level.  Superbly choreographed, we watched in awe as musicians played and bodies danced in a structure which hang from the night sky as a musical human chandelier – a feat of mechanical engineering which was simply awe-inspiring and treat for lovers of the surreal   The concert ended with a fireworks display from pyrotechnic experts Pa-Boom which incited enthusiastic shouting and clapping from what was quite clearly a fully satisfied and star stuck audience. ‘I have no idea what it was about but it was good wasn’t it’. We all know what excellence looks like.  I wonder if Whitehaven realise how lucky and how rare it is to have something this good and this well produced. If you were not a fan of outdoor spectacles before the show, you would be now. Lakes Alive is quite incredible – they just keep going from strength to strength and developing the skill of placement – they know exactly what work to place in what site and how to reach and develop a non regular and non arts going audience. This was an elite event for the community and (to quote the Arts Council’s mantra)   great art for everyone. So, it can be done…..


~ by Debbi Lander on July 26, 2011.

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