Cultural Olympiad in the North West moves into 5th gear with The Global Rainbow

Last night was a real moment for Cultural Olympiad in the North West – we opened the final  straight to London 2012 with Yvette Mattern’s The Global Rainbow. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be part of a world which enables humans to project the spectrum of the seven colours of the rainbow from Preston across the North West. Why Preston? This is the city where the North West will end its four-year endeavour in WE PLAY Expo – the North West’s finale celebration over the final weekend of Paralympics (7 – 9 September 2012). Expo will be weaving some amazing new large-scale productions by AND, Blaze and Lakes Alive, plus Alastair Eilbank and Jamie Burns Handprint and Mike Todd’s new documentary Why we Play into the heart of Preston’s  Guild festival over what will be an amazing three days of Olympic inspired celebration – our finish line here in the North West.

Finishing lines are meant to be crossed through so all these productions do have a life after the games and will be touring across the UK and outside our borders and/or online as living reminders of what a bloody amazing job artists in this region have done – in the name of breaking new ground and through the platform of the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012

Produced by the highly talented, visionary and professional Amino; The Global Rainbow runs in Preston until Sunday 11 March – and it’s really not to be missed – and best experienced as part of your normal journey. It’s on from 6pm til midnight. You turn a corner and you see it, sit on the train into and out of Preston and you see it, you can be driving on the M6 and you will see it. People have reported seeing it as far as Hebdon Bridge  when it opened last night – so that’s maybe 60 miles and like a real rainbow – you don’t know when it might appear in your sight line – halfway across England.

This is a rainbow made out of lasers and created by an artist and it invites people to go visit  (for info on all things London 2012 in the North West this year) and sign up to WE PLAY Challenge – a journey in three dimensions (physical. social and digital) leading people down the road to WE PLAY Expo – our 2012 year events for the Cultural Olympiad are invitations to travel, meet new people and have new experiences. But not only that ….people can clock up reward points for going to things and connecting with each other online and they can also record and document their personal journey through events by uploading photos and making comments. In the North West we want people to dialogue with our programme, share their opinions and views and take the journey together – its always good when experience is shared – so imagine what it might be like if everyone in the region get on board with the WE PLAY Challenge – that is one hell of a big community and one hell of a shared experience.

But there is even more…. this is a games that is in 3D….so…

People are invited to upload an image of their handprint and be part of co co creating a public artwork made out of digital hands which will be seen by thousands at our WE PLAY Expo, unveiling on 7th September 2012. In the online and social environment of the Challenge, your handprint avatar wants to play, promoting interaction and collaboration between players, with the artwork and with the programme of events in the region. Imagine if everyone in the north-west and every artist and partner who has contributed to the Cultural Olympiad over the last three years uploaded their handprint – we will co create the biggest public art work ever made in this region. I would be well proud of that.

8th March 2012 kicked off the final straight in the North West – that feels soooooo good. Only six months til the finishing line… but those six months offer a journey . A unique journey that you can ONLY experience in this region and only ONCE… check out the web site and see the extraordinary, special, strange and mind-blowing worlds of creativity and innovation that are going on in the North West from now………Sign up to the WE PLAY Challenge. Put in your hand………..Experience London 2012 in the North West as a journey in three dimensions.

~ by Debbi Lander on March 9, 2012.

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