Call to action: Get self-accredited as a London 2012 Citizen Journalist and start blogging

Games Time officially begins 18 May and today the North West hosted the pre games national meeting for #media2012 at Museum of Science and Industry. This nationwide newswire for citizen journalists has hubs across the UK and a media centre in London during games time. Now is the time to get yourself accredited as a London 2012 Citizen Journalist. Details on how you do this are at

In terms of reporting, the focus is on the cultural and community aspects of the Games. All official London 2012 events in North West are listed on Four big moments to cover are 19 May opening event, 29 May torch arrival in North West, 21 June opening event, London 2012 festival in Windermere and 7 – 9 September regional closing event in Preston.

Report on what the Games mean to people in North West, on the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival, to generate community coverage and international profile for what happens outside London.  Get interested to affect the core narrative of London 2012 and ensure people here about what the games did for people and meant to the North West. Report on the games here and post your stories on social media, tagging your content #media2012 Join #media2012 and you champion open media culture within the Olympic context, become more than a mere spectator but a producer of the London 2012 experience and you help to portray an image of Britain, the North West and the Games that tells of the real experience, on the streets and in community.

Media 2012 is an independent project supported by the Cultural Olympiad network of programmers and unbranded to ensure that the values of open media culture can be upheld within the Olympic context. Mobilise everyone you know to get out and about across the summer and blogging about the torch relay, Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival events. Share your opinions, tell us what is happening on the ground, tell us what you think of how the north west is contributing to the games, help us paint a picture of contemporary british culture through the games. Report on areas such as protest, politics, heritage, architecture, torch relay, Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival events. Sign up to we play challenge to post your blogs there and your photos. Don’t forget to tag everything #media2012 so we can aggregate a people’s record of the games across whole of uk and create a uk wide community of social media reporters and citizen journalists as a legacy of this games. The torch starts its relay this Saturday. It’s time to get active, participate and make use of open media culture to comment, report and critique London 2012.

~ by Debbi Lander on May 17, 2012.

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