London 2012 is running a cultural programme for the 2012 Games across the whole of the UK in the four years between each games. This programme is called the Cultural Olympiad and is made up of a range of cultural programmes – inspired by the games to place culture at the heart of the worlds largest sporting event and global celebration.

These programmes include  a series of UK wide Major Projects being developed by LOCOG in partnership with national cultural agencies which includes the Legacy Trust UK funded initatives across the UK , the Inspire Programmean Olympic and Paralaympic first , which enables non commercial organisations across the UK to officially link their projects and events to the London 2012. games. Culture projects awarded the inspire mark are part of the Cultural Olympiad and Open Weekend – London 2012’s annual countdown to the  Games. The four year Cultural Olympiad will culminate in the London 2012 Festival, a UK wide programme  bringing together leading artists from all over the world.

Through these initiatives a wide range of local and regional organisations can take part in the Cultural Olympiad and present their work on a UK wide platform in the global context that is the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Projects which form part of the Cultural Olympiad supports the London 2012 core values of Welcoming the World, Inspiring Young People and Generating a Legacy.

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