Major Projects

Major Projects are the Large scale UK wide initiatives for the Cultural Olympiad.

These are the projects featured in the London 2012 bid for the Games and the backbone of Cultural Olympiad, encompassing art to music to theatre. They are being phased in between now and 2012.

You can get involved in these projects and some offer funding and commissioning opportunities to make new work.  For more information visit:

The projects are:

Unlimited -Celebrating disability art and culture
Stories of World – allowing people of all backgrounds to explore the meaning of objects in new ways
Artist Taking the Lead – Encouraging artists to use the nation as a blank canvas and showcase the UK’s creativity
Sounds – Showcasing the sound of the nation in 2012
World Shakespeare Festival – Celebrating Shakespeare through a series of international collaborations
Film Nation – inspiring new talent to participate in film
Discovering Places – Encouraging young people to explore the buildings and spaces around them
Somewhere to – Empowering young people to use space on their own terms
Festival of Carnivals – A range of outdoor cultural work in London and the UK in the years up and including 2012
Live Sites – the UK wide network of public broadcasting screens (Liverpool and Manchester in the Northwest)

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